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Introducing Advisor Brand Builder, an innovative new platform revolutionizing the brand building journey for financial services firms.

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Every Good Advisor Needs a Great Brand

Advisor Brand Builder is the simplest way to build a professional, high-impact brand identity and message platform for…
Breakaway advisors

looking to create a strong brand foundation for their new business

Established advisory firms

looking to level up the quality and impact of their brand visuals and messaging, quickly and affordably

Enterprise firms

seeking a turnkey solution to quickly and effectively rebrand newly acquired advisor businesses

Strong Brands See 20% More Revenue Growth

Build a Powerful Brand Identity In Minutes, Not Months

Our interactive platform will help you create a company brand based on the expertise of financial services brand-building pros for a fraction of the typical cost and time.

Complete Brand Identity
A Complete Brand Identity
  • A unique-to-you logo, color palette, and more
  • Crisp, custom company messaging
  • Matching business cards, PowerPoint templates, social media graphics, and more
Professional Guidance & Support icon
Professional Guidance & Support
  • An experienced brand concierge available to guide the process
  • Access to financial services marketing experts to help with future marketing needs
A Process You Can Trust
A Process You Can Trust
  • Built from years of helping advisory firms like yours create and execute impactful and differentiating visual and written brand identities
How Advisor Brand Builder Works

The Power of Innovation, Expertly Blended with the Perspective of Experience

Combining the innovation of a digitally-driven, AI-enhanced workflow with the expertise of seasoned finserv marketing pros, Advisor Brand Builder uses real info about your business and style preferences to serve up a range of beautifully designed, expertly crafted brand visuals and messaging in less time, for less cost. Here’s how.

Step 1:

Complete the Questionnaire

Our guided brand discovery workflow, developed from years of guiding financial services firms toward a killer brand, helps you get to the bottom of your brand story, and features like Talk to Text transcription make it simple and convenient to capture your responses.

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Step 2:

Select Your Brand Style
& Message Output

Based on those responses, our brand engine develops three fully custom and customizable style-boards and message platforms tailored to your unique brand preferences; within each, you’ll have unlimited ability to refine individual elements, like color palettes, images and more, and adjust messaging until you love what you see.

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Step 3:

Finalize Your Choice with
Your Personal Brand Concierge

After you’ve selected the brand visuals and voice that best reflect your business, our team of pros will step in to give your selection a final polish. And if you ever need guidance before then, our in-app chat connects you instantly to our legion of brand gurus.

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Step 4:

Apply Your Brand

Here’s where the magic happens. With the click of a button, watch your brand come to life across our ever-growing library of brand and marketing assets, which you and your team can view and download anytime.

Our Brand Story

Solving an Age-Old Problem
with a New Age Solution

Advisor Brand Builder was designed by a team of finserv marketing and agency leaders for one very simple reason: Advisory businesses and the firms that support them needed a better way to develop and deploy professional brands.

The Traditional Approach Doesn’t Work

Hiring a branding agency or professional designers and copywriters often comes with a hefty price tag and long-lead times, making it prohibitive for many individual advisors and complex for home offices in need of a scalable, efficient solution.

High-Tech Options Just Aren’t Good Enough

Innovations such as generative AI have not quite evolved far enough to fully replace human marketers or designers, forcing advisory firm-owners who leverage these tools to also pay for agency services or worse, launch a poorly constructed, unoriginal brand.

Advisor Brand Builder Blends the Best of Both

Advisor Brand Builder brings together the best of both approaches — human and machine — into one powerful brand development experience, giving advisors and their home office counterparts a fast and affordable way to build and launch a unique, high-quality brand identity.

It's the answer to the age-old “good fast affordable” conundrum.
And it’s called Advisor Brand Builder.

Open quotes

“ABB combines the expertise and oversight of the agency experience with an AI-optimized workflow to deliver a revolutionary brand development experience.”

Kelly Waltrich, CEO,

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Break Free from the Mold of Traditional Advisor Brand Building Services